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Leading Manufacturer Developing, Producing and Distributing High Grade Lubricants

Today's competitive manufacturing requires operations with wider temperature ranges, higher speeds, heavier loads, all combined with longer lubrication intervals and under tighter budgets. Proper lubrication is essential for being able to meet these high demands. Therefore it is of most importance to select the right lubricant, the right amount, for the right place and in the right time. High quality lubricants combined with the expertise and years of experience in LUBCON's technical support and service personnel you can achieve optimum lubrication solutions for your equipment.

LUBCON offers an unique range of special lubricants for optimum performance of modern machinery. The product line covers oils, greases, sprays and assembly pastes ranging from mineral oil, synthetics to flourinated oils as well as lubrication systems for accurate lubricant application.

Our technical experts will be glad to assist selecting the best solution for your lubrication related problems.